About Angarngruppen

This is Angarngruppen  

 Angarngruppen was initially an action group formed in an attempt to stop the city of Stockholm’s plans to build a suburb, Angarnstaden, at Angarnssjöängen, a wetland area northeast of the capital well known for its rich birdlife and many ancient remains. This was in the mid-sixties.

In 1968 Angarngruppen was constituted as a not-for-profit organisation with the purpose to continue to prevent the building plans from materialising. Eventually the aim was fulfilled as Stockholm abandoned its idea and the area around Angarnssjöängen was declared a nature reserve in 1982.

Fifty years on Angarngruppen is still a thriving not-for-profit organisation and with over 300 paying members. Our goal is to ensure that the nature reserve is maintained and developed as an excellent domain for biodiversity and a place for people to experience nature at its very best. We cooperate with the relevant authorities and landowners to make this happen.

So, if you are bird-watcher, keen on butterflies or beetles, love flowers or just enjoy a walk in a lovely piece of nature come and join us as a member. We offer excursions, talks, friendship and more.

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Thank you and welcome!